Art & Sculpture


Art and Sculptural Works:

Our design, computer skills and high quality workmanship, has led to us being asked to undertake the design and manufacture of artwork and sculptures. Of varying size, from model for submission to 15m tall, we use our extensive computer and 3D modelling skills to turn a small maquette into a full size artwork or create the design and cutting files for ourselves or others to enable fabrication of the work.

We have a qualified designer / artist on staff to facilitate the design of artworks. We have the facilities to undertake design from concept to cutting, fabrication and manufacture of finished art.

Artworks are also able to be created by your own concepts and ideas.

We can turn your sketches into reality, creating artworks to last a lifetime. Or perhaps an enduring memory of your childs youth, by creating a full size artwork from one of their childhood drawings.

We can cut in aluminium, acrylic, timber, steel and stainless steel.

Contact John or Qinglan to discuss.