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Below is listed boat related information that you may wish to download, this includes welding articles and published articles.

We have also prepared fit out lists for several Boat Kit options. This will allow you to cost out your boat building project.

Our "FITOUT" page now lists the parts that we stock to make the fitout of your boat easier, cheaper and faster.

We are able to not only supply the main fitout parts, but for these standard parts we are also able to cut the required holes to make the fitment of parts very easy.

There are more than 100 stocked parts and many modules, like Bait Boards, Centre Console options and seat box modules, all in various sizes.

The list of these boat fit out parts is found under the "FITOUT" section of the website.

There are 3 published articles listed below. Click on the icon or text below. Articles are in PDF format.

Plate Alloy Book 4
5.8m Runabout Build article

Plate Alloy Book 5
Welding article
Plate Alloy Book 5
4.8m Side Console Build article
Note: Information, drawings, designs and specifications are subject to change.