Monohull Kits.


We have a large selection of monohull kits, mainly in the trailerable range from 4m to 9m.

If you would like a vessel which is not on the list, please call us and we may be able to design a vessel for you, as we do offer a custom design service.

For Professional Boat Builders, we are able to produce commercial vessel kits (AMSA Survey approved). Please contact us if this is your requirement, as some vessel kits already have type approval for different Survey classes.

If you have a design, or use another designer but you would like us to cut and supply the kit, we are able to do this, please ask the designer to contact us so we can discuss the format of the files we require for nesting and cutting.

We are very competitive on the cutting and supply of marine kits. We have low overheads and minimise expenditure on advertising. This website and our courses and word of mouth are our main and only form of advertising.

With minimal advertising expenditure, this allows us to remain very competitive with the cost of our boat kits.

We always have at least 10 boats of different sizes and designs on display in our Melbourne Factory, if you plan to visit, please call first to check we are available.

Note: Information, drawings, designs and specifications are subject to change.