Boats For Sale

For Sale:
Boats & Raw Welded Hulls.

Every Year in a process of constant product development and improvement, we build new vessels to capture the photographic sequence for the kit builds, and some we finish as use as company demonstrators.
After some time, we sell these vessels on, some are listed below.

We also understand that many customers have seen our boats, or been out in friends boats, but they themselves do not have the time, (or space), to build a boat.

For this reason we have been asked to supply raw welded hulls ready for fitout. The advantage for buyers, is that they can fit the boats out themselves, the way they want it layed out, and we are able to add the few items to the hull, so they get a high quality plate alloy boat setup the way they like. Some owners have upgraded their motor in recent times, and their trailer is OK, so we can supply a brand new hull for equipment changeover. Their is still a big cost saving doing the fitout yourself.

Sorry, we do not have any vessels for sale.